1.Do you rent to the public or individuals?
No. We only rent to production companies capable of satisfying the insurance requirements.
2. Do you have walkabout mascots?
3.Do you have showgirl headpieces or costumes?
4.Do you rent for parties?
5.Do you rent for Halloween, Christmas, or other holidays?
6.Do you have superhero costumes?
7.Do you have Regency Era costumes?
8.What time periods you have?
We have the 1930s through the 1990s in civilian wardrobe and WW1 to present day in uniform wardrobe.
9.Do I need to take all multiples if I only need one?
10.What are your business hours?
8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST
11.What is your approval time?  
For both weekly and production rentals cycles, approval periods are 24 hours for local productions and 1 week for out of state or international productions.
12.Do you purchase from personal collections?
13.Do you do shipping?
Yes. We ship with FedEx and UPS. 
14.Do you allow service animals and friendly pets?
Yes. Pets must be kept on leash and must visit our General Manager for immediate petting.
15.Do you have jewelry?
Yes. We have a vast collection of jewelry.
16.Do you do tours?
Yes. We only do school/college tours.
17.Do you do internships?  
Yes, we accept. We can coordinate academic credit for your internship whenever possible. While interns are not guaranteed a full-time position, many of our current employees began as interns.
18.Are rental pieces available for purchasing?
19.Can I order online or request from your wardrobe catalog?
No. While all the wardrobe featured on the website is our wardrobe, orders are subject to sizing, availability, etc.
20.Do you sell supplies?
Yes, but limited. We sell the supplies that we use as working costume house. Please call for inquiries.
21.Is paperwork required for returns?
Yes. Physical paperwork with items marked for returns is required. There is a $50 fee for missing paperwork.
22.Can returns be done online or by self check-in?
23.Do items need to be dry cleaned before returning? 
Yes. Items need to be dry cleaned or in restock condition (unused and with original tags). Dry cleaning not necessary for specific heavier pieces such as fireman turnouts, space suits, hazmat suits, etc.
24.How long does it take for items to get checked-in? 
We will complete the return with 10 business days from delivery.
25.Do uniform returns go back to the uniform warehouse?
No. All returns go to the return department located in the Civilian Warehouse.
26.What is the procedure if items get damaged? 
After the check in is complete and damage is assessed, you may pay the Loss & Damages fees or send comparable trade options (typically 3 for 1) to be approved by warehouse supervisors.

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