M67 Fragmentation Grenade

M67 Fragmentation Grenade

Type: Fragmentation Grenade

Nations: United States, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand, Philippines, Turkey, Saudi Arabia +

Branch: Armed Forces

Time Period: 1968-present (2021)

Conflicts: Vietnam War, Falklands War, Gulf War, Somali Civil War, Kosovo War, Bosnian War, Global War on

Terrorism, War in Afghanistan +

Other Names: C13 (Canada), Baseball Grenade

Caliber: Composition B High Explosive

Facts: The M67 hand grenade replaced the M26 hand grenade in 1968. It uses the same Composition B mixture for its explosive charge but has a more round, baseball like shape the the grenade which aids in throwing. It is the current issue hand grenade for US armed forces.

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