Wardrobe Policy

Rental Periods

  • Weekly (10 calendar days – Fixed fee): Weekly rentals are to be returned within ten (10) calendar days from the date of rental. All rental items kept past the initial 10-day period will be automatically re-billed at the Production rental rate.
  • Production (11 to 105 calendar days – Fixed fee): Production rentals are to be returned within fifteen (15) weeks from the date of rental (105 calendar days). All rental items kept past the initial 15-week period will be automatically re-billed for a second Production cycle at 5% of the Production rental rate per week. Eastern Costume does not pro-rate returns made mid-cycle.

Rental Items

The renting party acknowledges that it has inspected that item(s) are in good condition and working order. Any damages not already documented on the rental sheet must be reported to Eastern Costume within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt of the items. Damages not promptly reported to Eastern Costume may be subject to damage fees. In case of theft or damage to the rental property, the customer must notify Eastern Costume within seventy-two (72) hours.


The approval period for Weekly rentals is twenty-four (24) hours. The approval period for Production rentals is twenty-four (24) hours for local projects and seven (7) calendar days for out-of-state or international projects. The approval period begins when the orders leave our location. Approvals are subject to a $5 restocking fee, per item. Certain items, including but not limited to shoes, accessories, hats, and insignia, are not released on approval. No approvals will be released for photo shoots or during holiday weekends. Items returned on approval must be returned clean and unused. Approval rates will not be granted to any item(s) that appear used or dirty.


Canceled orders may be subject to costume house labor and restocking fees if the order is canceled after Eastern Costume staff has already worked on the order. Any discount or reduction in fees for orders canceled due to force majeure events shall be negotiated by the parties in good faith at such time.


No item(s) may be placed on hold before an account has been set up. Rental items may be placed on hold five (5) days prior to the pick-up date. Any hold item(s) not rented will be subject to costume house labor charges of $50.00 per hour for restocking. Rentals placed on hold upon return will be billed at 5% of the production rental rate per week for each week of the hold. All holds are subject to approval by management.

In-House Rules

If you are pulling with us, please wear the appropriate shoes. No high heels, open-toe, open-back, or sandals inside the warehouse. No more than one person per ladder. No standing on the top of our orange ladders. If you can’t reach something, please let us know. We are not responsible for any personal items left on the floor, racks, or tables inside the warehouse. If you bring any beverages, please make sure they have a lid and are placed on one of our tables to avoid any accidents.


If you have stock requests during your production and are unable to pull yourself, we are happy to help! You can always contact us through email with reference photos, sizes and any other information. We’re happy to pull options from our stock and send photos for final approval before packing and sending them your way. In-house, costumer labor is the same rate for both pulling and packing. Any boxes, liners, or supplies are billed separately. We do allow you to pull for yourselves, but we do not allow you to restock. Restock must be done by Eastern Costume employees ONLY.


The renting party is responsible for all costs, taxes, levies, tariffs, and other fees assessed for shipping and transportation of the item(s). The renting party may choose to provide their own third-party delivery service to receive and return the item(s). If third-party shipping information is not provided, orders will be shipped using Eastern Costume’s preferred service provider, billed to the renting party and subject to a 20% surcharge. All item(s) are the responsibility of Eastern Costume until they are delivered to the renting party, at which point they become the renting party’s responsibility until they are delivered back to Eastern Costume.


All returned wardrobe must meet to our restock ready criteria;. Restock ready dry cleaned (except t-shirts, socks, turnouts, space suit, bomb suit, tactical vests), same condition, and unaltered.

We look to the following criteria to determine whether items have been cleaned.

  • Any items NOT returned with dry cleaning hangers or tags intact will be assumed to be unclean.
  • Any wardrobe that are shipped with or returned next to worn/unclean wardrobe will be assumed to be unclean.
  • Any wardrobe that is shipped with or in contact with shoes will be assumed to be unclean.
  • Any wardrobe with noticeable odor will be assumed to be unclean.

Any item(s) returned unclean will be charged a cleaning fee, payable upon return of the item(s). Any damage to the wardrobe/props due to items added by the customer (e.g. patches with adhesive backing, Stitch Witchery, etc.) will result in loss/damage/replacement fees.

Vintage or specialty clothing is recommended to be cleaned at specialty cleaners. Vintage items damaged during the cleaning process will incur a charge equal to the replacement value stated on the rental sheet.

Returned item(s) will be checked in within 10 business days of delivery. An expedited check-in may be available and will be subject to costume house labor charges of $75.00 per hour.

A copy of the rental sheet matching the item(s) must be attached to your return(s). Any item(s) not appropriately marked with a sheet and line number will be subject to a charge of $50.00 per order.


Eastern Costume reserves the right to accept or decline any replacement item(s) in exchange for lost or damaged property. All trades must be approved by Eastern Costume’s warehouse supervisors.


Quotes are valid for thirty (30) days. In the event of any changes within the order, the quote may be voided. Prices are subject to change at any time without further notice and may vary between styles, fabrics and periods. Costume house labor, shipping and any other third-party fees are not included in quotes.


For any inquiries about special arrangements on pricing or further information on our show packaging, please contact our general manager, Nick Edler, at nick@easterncostume.com

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