Type: Rocket Launcher

Nations: United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Yemen, South Korea, New Zealand, Iraq, Kosovo, Canada +

Branch: Armed Forces

Time Period: 1963-present (2020)

Conflicts: Vietnam War, Falklands War, Gulf War, Somali Civil War, Kosovo War, Bosnian War, Global War on Terrorism, War in Afghanistan +

Other Names: M72 LAW, LAW
Caliber: 66mm Rocket

Facts: The M72 LAW or Light Anti-tank Weapon, is a light weight rocket launcher that consists of a tube that extends in its firing mode. It is primarily for use against armored vehicles but can also be used against other hardened targets such as bunkers and aircraft. The M72 fires a 66mm unguided rocket that contains a high explosive and armor penetrating core. The launcher was designed to be a single use weapon, with it being discarded or destroyed after use. The M72 LAW was used extensively during the Vietnam War and can still be seen in use today by a variety of countries.

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