AKS-74U (Wood)

AKS-74U (Wood)

Type: Assault Rifle / Carbine

Nations: Russia, Bulgaria, Syria, Ukraine

Branch: Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces

Time Period: 1979-present (2020)

Conflicts: Soviet-Afghan War, Gulf War, Chechen War, Global War on Terror, Syrian Civil War, Iraqi Civil War, Yemen Conflicts +

Other Names: AK, AKS, AK74u, Krinkov, Shrinkov

Caliber: 5.45x39mm

Facts: A shortened version of the AK74 meant to fill the gap between a submachine gun and assault rifle as well as giving a soldier something light weight and easier to carry. This AK model uses a triangular folding stock and 8 inch barrel making it ideal for close quarters engagements and fitting into the confines of vehicles. These were used extensively by armored crewmen and paratroopers as well as some special forces in urban environments. The AKS-74U was also a status symbol of sorts among high ranking members of militaries, leaders of terror groups and warlords in the Middle East due to the weapon’s association with armored and air crewmen as well as Russian Spetsnaz units. This meant they had to kill Spetsnaz or disable a vehicle in order to obtain an AKS-74U. These weapons can be seen in the background of videos of Osama Bin Laden, as if purposely placed there as if to show his power and importance.

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