Arisaka Type 38

Arisaka Type 38

Type: Bolt Action Rifle

Nations: Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico, Russia, China, Indonesia, Philippines

Branch: Armed Forces

Time Period: 1906-1945

Conflicts: Russian Civil War,WWI, Second Sino-Japanese War, WWII, Chinese Civil War

Other Names: Arisaka

Caliber: 6.5x50mm Arisaka

Facts: Adopted in 1906, or the 38th year of the Japanese Meiji period, hence Type 38. The Type 38 was the primary service rifle for The Japanese military until 1939. In 1939 the Type 99 rifle was adopted but the Type 38 continued to be produced and serviced along side the Type 99 until the end of the Japanese Empire in 1945. A number of Type 38 rifles were exported to Mexico, chambered in 7.92x57mm Mauser, and to Russia who was desperate for arms in 1914. The Japanese also exported rifles to the the UK for the British Navy during WWI in free Lee-Enfields for the British Army. Rifles were also captured and used against the Japanese in the Philippines. Captured rifles from WWII can also be seen used in later conflicts as surplus rifles.

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