CAR-15 XM177

CAR-15 XM177

CAR-15 XM177
Type: Assault Rifle / Carbine

Nations: United States, Vietnam

Branch: Special Operations, Air Force

Time Period: 1960s-1990s

Conflicts: Vietnam War, Invasion of Panama, Somali Civil War

Other Names: AR 15, Colt Commando, GAU-5/A, Commando Carbine

Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO

Facts: The CAR-15 XM177, also commonly referred to as the Colt Commando, is a shortened variant of the M16, a predecessor of the M4. The XM177 uses a 10 or 11 inch barrel and is often equipped with an 4 inch extended flash hider or moderator. The moderator was supposedly also used to confuse the enemy since it changed the sound profile of the rifle, making it sound closer to an AK rifle when fired. They were also equipped with a two position retractable stock . The XM 177 is was a favorite for special operations forces within Vietnam such as MAC-V SOG. The US Air Force had also adopted the XM 177 as the GAU-5.

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