M1 Carbine

M1 Carbine

This rifle is equipped with the late war bayonet lug and rear sight as well as the M1 carbine magazine pouch on the stock.

Type: Semi-Automatic Rifle

Nations: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Israel, France, South Korea, South Vietnam, Philippines, Cuba +

Branch: Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Paramilitary Forces

Time Period: 1943-1973
Conflicts: WWII, Korean War, First Indochina War, Algerian War, Suez Crisis, Cuban Revolution, Vietnam War, Six Days War, Angolan Civil War +

Other Names:

Caliber: .30 Carbine

Facts: Development of the M1 Carbine began in 1938 with the United States holding a trial to adopt a new light rifle for rear echelon troops to replace the M1911 pistols they were carrying. The M1 Carbine was adopted in 1941. From 1941 to 1945, 6 million M1 carbines were produced making it the most produced firearm during WWII. The M1 carbine continued to be used by US forces in Korea and well into the Vietnam war among South Vietnamese forces. It served along side the M2 and M3 Carbines or was converted to the M2 until the rifle was retired from US military service in 1973. The rifle is still common today among civilians and militaries as a surplus, sporting and small game rifle.

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