This M16A1 is equipped with a 20 round box magazine and 3 prong flash hider.

Type: Assault Rifle

Nations: United States, Vietnam, Philippines, South Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Rhodesia +

Branch: Armed Forces, Law Enforcement

Time Period: 1964-2001

Conflicts: Vietnam War, Rhodesian Bush War, First Gulf War, Invasion of Panama, Falklands War, Somalia Civil War, Global War on Terrorism +

Other Names: M16, AR15, Colt SP1 , Armalite, Mattel Rifle

Caliber: .223 Remington, 5.56x45mm NATO

Facts: The M16A1 was the official US introduction to the assault rifle: a select fire rifle that fires an intermediate cartridge. The M16A1 was adopted by the US Army in 1964 replacing the M14 Battle Rifle. It was issued to US troops in Vietnam and continued to be used until the introduction of the M16A2 in 1983. Although it was widely replaced by 1983, the M16A1 continued to be used by US forces until 2001 on a small scale primarily with reserve and National Guard forces. They can still be seen used in a variety of countries as surplus arms and also seen in the hands of various paramilitary forces as captured weapons.

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