M2 Carbine

M2 Carbine

Type: Select-Fire Rifle

Nations: United States, Germany, Japan, Israel, France, South Korea, South Vietnam, Philippines, Cuba +

Branch: Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Paramilitary Forces

Time Period: 1945-1973
Conflicts: WWII, Korean War, First Indochina War, Algerian War, Suez Crisis, Cuban Revolution, Vietnam War, Six Days War, Angolan Civil War +

Other Names:

Caliber: .30 Carbine

Facts: The M2 carbine is the late war select fire variant of the M1 carbine. It introduced a bayonet lug, more complex adjustable rear sight, 30 round magazine and most importantly, a fully-automatic fire selector. The M2 carbines started being seen in the Okinawa campaign and saw extensive use in Korea as well with the South Vietnamese Army in the Vietnam war.

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