M4 Carbine (black)

M4 Carbine (black)

This rifle is equipped with a SOPMOD Crane stock, EOTech EXPS3 and magnifier, PEQ-15 laser, and Magpul MOE foregrip.

Type: Assault Rifle/ Carbine

Nations: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Mexico,+

Branch: Armed Forces, Law Enforcement

Time Period: 1994 – present (2020)

Conflicts: Bosnian War, Kosovo War, Global War on Terror, War in Afghanistan, Operation Ocean Shield, Conflict in Syria +

Other Names: Carbine, M4 SOPMOD, M4 Block 1

Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO

Info: The M4 is a carbine, or shortened rifle, variant of the M16. It was designed to better allow troops to engage enemies in close quarters combat, as was realized in urban environments of Panama, Somalia and even in jungle environments where targets are engaged at closer distances due to thick vegetation. A multi-position retractable stock allows the user to better fit the weapon to their size or compact it for carrying and storage. It is also equipped with a modified 14.5 inch barrel to allow the attachment of an M203 grenade launcher as well as a shorter handguard to accommodate the shortened barrel. The M4 uses a rail system that allows the user to attach a variety of optics, lasers, lights and other attachments that allow a trooper to fulfil their mission needs. The M4 is the standard issued service rifle for the US Army and is a favorite among US Special Operations forces. It also has seen extensive use with many other militaries for its size, modularity and ergonomics.

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