FN Mk17 SCAR-H CQC (Flat Dark Earth)

FN Mk17 SCAR-H CQC (Flat Dark Earth)

This rifle is equipped with an Elcan Specter DR, PEQ-15 Laser, M720v Surefire weapon light and Magpul MOE foregrip.

Type: Battle Rifle

Nations: United States, Kenya, Portugal, Belgium, Malaysia, Norway, Chile, Brazil +

Branch: Armed Forces

Time Period: 2009- present (2020)

Conflicts: Global War on Terrorism, War in Afghanistan, Yemeni Civil War, Syrian Conflict +

Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO

Other Names: SCAR, Mk17, SCAR 17, SCAR Heavy

Info: Selected in 2004 for the Special-Operations-Force Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) the SCAR-H underwent testing for use with US Special Operations Forces. The rifle preformed well and was fielded in 2009 as the Mk17 in US SOCOM. The SCAR-H CQC is equipped with a 13 inch barrel and uses a short stroke gas piston system. It has a slow rate of fire at only around 600 rounds per minute which assists with controlling recoil of the large 7.62x51mm NATO rifle cartridge. The rifle also has a monolithic upper rail for optics as well as rails on the hand guard to allow attaching lights, lasers and grips. It is fed primarily by 20 round proprietary magazines as well as utilizing ambidextrous controls and allowing the user to change the side of the reciprocating charging handle.

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